Rebl - Credit. Redefined.

Credit. Redefined.

Rebl is the first credit card designed to help you take charge and maintain control of your finances. You are more than just a number, our decisions are based on the money you make, the bills you already pay, your educational history and the business you work at.


We Believe in Simplicity


Open an Account in Minutes

Unlike other credit cards, opening an account with us only takes a few minutes, and we’ll set you up with a virtual card number to start making purchases right away.


Limits Within Reach

Your income and expenses define your credit limits, so we always provide a limit that is within reach of paying off at the end of the month. Gone are the days of carrying a balance for years and never paying anything towards the principal.


Transparent Path to Success

As you make on time payments, we grant increase your limits automatically, lower interest rates and grant grace periods. Our goal is to give you full transparency into how you grow with us on your credit journey.

Take Charge Of Your Finances


Build Credit

Rebl reports your on-time payment information to Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion to help you build or rebuild your credit history.


Built-in Budgeting

We’ll show you exactly where your money is going each month, and even let you set up monthly budgets for things like restaurants and groceries.


Instant Spending Notifications

We’ll send you a notification the second you make a payment with your card, even before the receipt has finished printing.

Security Made Seamless


Freeze and Unfreeze Your Card

If you lose or misplace your card, freeze it within the app, and we’ll have a new one sent out to you. If you find it again, unfreeze your card from the app.


Control How Your Card Works

Take control over your account and turn off things like contactless, swipe payments, and online payments all from within the app.


Location-Based Security

Turn on location-based security and, if your card is used in a different location from where you are, we’ll automatically block any payments and let you know.

Frequently Asked Questions

To qualify for Rebl, you must have a US bank account with a steady stream of income and due to regulation a minimum credit score of 550. Our limits are determined on a combination of your credit report, educational history, cash flow, current job and employer.

Our limits are determined on a combination of your credit report, educational history, cash flow, current job and employer. In the future, we plan to include assets to determine limits.

No, applying will not affect your credit score, but if you decide to accept your offer, we are required to update your credit report.

Rebl charges $5/month to cover our admin costs associated with the card along with a competitive APR of 24%.

Your expenses are consolidated over 30 days into a monthly statement that can be paid online via the bank account you use to apply.

Yes, our cards start with an APR of 24% and slide down as you continually make on time payments.

Your checking account has to have at least 60 days of activity. The balance needs to be greater than $0. There needs to be a balance in your account at the end-of-day on paydays and the first day after previous paydays.

We have a short grace period but after that expires we assess a late fee. We understand that life happens so we will grant extended grace periods of up to 30 days as you grow with us. We are here to work with you to grow your credit and ensure your financial success.

By analyzing your expenses and income history, Rebl will be able to accurately predict what limit to assign to you.

Yes! We plan on reporting to them as this is essential for your to build/rebuild your credit.

Our access to your accounts will be read-only (we cannot overwrite or modify your data) and we will use 2048-bit encryption to protect the transmission of your data to our site. Your sensitive data will be all encrypted.

Great! That's how we like it. But honestly, there's no catch. The fact is, people are so tired of being taken advantage of by banks and existing credit cards so we decided to build something that really helps them.

We are planning to launch in 2020. Right now we are working to find the best launch partners to make sure our users have the best experience possible. If you have a service/product that you would like to share with our users, please drop us a line at

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